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Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS,

Plastic Surgeon in New York City

Integrity, honesty, and patient safety are the top priorities in the surgical practice of Nina S.Naidu, MD, FACS. Patients are always treated with kindness and respect, whether they are undergoing a reconstructive or a cosmetic procedure.

This New York City based practice is upheld not only by Dr. Naidu, but also by her carefully selected staff...

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Plastic Surgery – A Personal Journey

Plastic Surgery is a very personal decision. Several factors come into play before someone decides to finally make the first consultation, and several more factors arise before committing to an actual plastic surgery date. New York City based Dr. Naidu painstakingly explains what a procedure entails to each of her potential patients. She will take the time to describe your plastic surgery concerns and expected outcomes. No matter what your reasons to consider any particular type of plastic surgery, Dr. Naidu will ensure you understand all the details, and will deliver the results you wish for. Take the first step and make a consultation appointment with Dr. Naidu at her New York City office – this call can help guide your next steps, and help you decide if plastic surgery for your particular concern is right for you.